Apply common phrases to learn German

Apply common phrases to learn German

German language courses, whether in Germany and abroad, schools or centers offering such courses, are divided into three primary levels: the first, the second, and the third level, which are called A1-A2-B1.

In order to be able to pass the German language exam and obtain the certificate of integration course, which qualifies them for the labor market and integration into society and permanent stability in Germany if they want to stay there in the future with the days, he has to pass the language exam after undergoing a german language Dora. And success at previous levels.

According to German language learners, especially immigrants and refugees, it is not without difficulty, as studying German requires a strong focus with teachers in school and daily follow-up to accomplish the tasks and functions needed by teachers of students and solve them at home.

The student learns at the first level of German alphabetical characters and marquis characters, and how to compose the sentence, in order to be able to talk and introduce himself to his companions in the language course, as the student learns within this level tools of identification and hate, numbers, days of the week, and times. And actions, the wording of the question, the pronouns, the other basic lessons.

In the second level, learning becomes more enjoyable and useful, and the student feels that he has begun to enter the world of the German language, where the student studies the rules of the continent and preference, and Arab cases in The German language such as a monument, raising and dragging the sentence,

It also begins by learning to write personal and official e-mails, and how to differentiate between the private message and the official message, in addition to some new rules such as the original adjectives and sentence, the subsentence, its rules, and the tools that it indicates.

By the end of the second level, the student or language student is ready to study the third and final level of basic standards of German, and the grammar here begins more difficult than before where the student learns at this advanced level the rules of the past act and added to the formulas of hope and wish Acts with the characters of the jar and the difference between them.

In the face of these difficulties faced by the student or german language learner whether at school, at home or work, he must use books and programs, or watch videos on YouTube, but these means are not always available to him, as they need a constant internet connection.

For this reason, many students resort to mobile applications to study the German language, where the Google Play market has many of them, but the use of learning (Zia Abdullah) relative to the teacher is the best among these applications.

The application contains a complete series of German-language books at all levels as well as a preparatory book for the exam, several conversations and stories that help the student understand German

Screenshot from the app
To acquire this beautiful and distinctive app, the user has to download it from the Google Play market by clicking on the download

Downloading the application, which has a beautiful appearance and contains bright books that are easy to read and study, ensures student success and excellence in the German language.


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