Arabdict dictionary for translating languages into Arabic

Arabdict dictionary for translating languages into Arabic

Dictionaries are one of the best ways to teach students, learners and ordinary people the meaning of vocabulary and their synonyms in other languages, especially Arabic when a student needs to study German and English.

Students and learners often experience language and vocabulary difficulties, especially when studying, working, living, traveling, or visiting public places such as markets, hotels, clinics, and hospitals.

This is why they often need dictionaries and the fact that paper dictionaries are expensive if they want to buy them and are difficult to carry as they move, which prompts them to download these electronic dictionaries from the Internet or from the Google Play market, which has a lot of language translation dictionaries, In various languages.

Students and language learners should choose the appropriate dictionary that meets their needs and helps them in their studies. Therefore, the dictionary “Arabdict” has a special dictionary that is multilingual and works free of charge, with six languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Turkish.

Features of the application “Arabdict”

The “Arabicdict” dictionary is easy to use, fast and reliable translation in 6 languages, and a comprehensive translation of all search terms entered by users through smart search where the dictionary can predict the word to search for if the person entered it incorrectly.

The Arabicdict Dictionary contains an accurate translation of the terms and transforms the verb into the present tense and the simple past.

This dictionary has an advantage that can not be found in many language dictionaries, which are presented through sentences or long sentences that appear in the search word in different meanings and places of the sentence.

This dictionary is one of the free dictionaries that contain ads Google Adsense and features that it contains the most used languages of the world, including English, French, German, Turkish, Italian and Spanish and shows you a precise translation.

After we open the application we choose the language we want to use for example, the English language and the search box will appear. We write the word to be translated into Arabic, then press the search button and you will see many results and next to every past action.

I personally use this application and actually help me translate sentences and words.


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