Best application to buy clothes and accessories for veiled women


With the spread of the Internet and social media, the traditional folk markets that people used to go to buy their diverse needs of electrical appliances or personal supplies, such as garments of different types, are slowly disappearing.

Nowadays, social networking sites and the internet have spread a large number of popular and well-known sites to buy such as the famous eBay site, Amazon site, the site of Ali Express and Wish, which is today one of the most important online shopping sites and the purchase and sale of goods around the world.

Today, as the world has become a small village, anyone anywhere in this world can browse these sites, choose and charge the item they want to buy, order, pay for it electronically, and receive it at the specific address that the buyer wants the product to reach.

However, despite the large number of these sites and the fact that they contain hundreds of thousands of goods, there are some special and distinctive goods that concern a certain group of people, such as women’s Islamic clothing, veiled clothing and supplies, which are found by many women, especially those residing in European countries and there are no private markets and shops selling women’s clothing to the hijab.

Therefore, these women often buy women’s clothing and accessories to be imported from their countries of origin or from neighboring Islamic countries or buy them through the Internet sites specializing in the sale of women’s clothing to women in Europe, to meet the needs of these ladies in women’s clothing. As hijab, shawls, gowns, prayer clothes, modest clothes and Islamic swimwear

Among these sites and applications specialized in women’s clothing is the site and the famous Turkish application Modanisa

This site is one of the most visited sites for the purchase of Islamic clothing and the site contains a number of women’s outerwear such as coats, gowns, evening wear, women’s sports clothes, scarves, ready-made scarves, Tubannan, trousers, and dragons, as well For shoes and bags, it has a section for children’s clothing, infants and women’s household clothes, and in all sizes. and add women’s accessories and cosmetics

The site deals with the best known Turkish brands such as Elsie, Kniki and Devaktu International.

The purchase from the site is characterized by fast and free shipping for the invoice which exceeds 50 euros or 75 times, and the site offers discount coupons to its customers as a 15% discount and live up to 50% discount on events and weekends, as well as offers on the purchase of goods so that you buy two pieces and you get the third free.

In addition to the location and application contains a table for all sizes of women’s clothing available with illustrations of how to measure with the details of the entire product in terms of the type of cloth and its measurement, the site has the advantage of the return process in case of the measurement mismatch.

Payment methods are multiple on the site either through the Kalalna bill or through direct payment via the bank card.


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