best food delivery app

best food delivery app

Germany has a lot of restaurants like other countries in the world where many restaurants, cafes and small stalls serve food and beverages to its customers and visitors of different kinds, where people often may stand restaurants for some distinctive meals which They can’t cook it, or it costs a lot, or to entertain themselves and meet with friends and spend time with them.

But in Germany, it seems to be different from many countries in the world, mainly since Germany, which is located in Central Europe and is the largest country, and has many different communities, whether Arabic, Turkish, Asian or African, so many Turkish, Asian and Arab restaurants are scattered in Germany. In addition to cafes serving drinks, shisha, and traditional beverages, there are plenty of small restaurants, kiosks offering fast food, Döner, pizzas and some regular meals known to Arabs like Shawarma and falafel.

With hundreds of thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees coming to Germany recently, every city has a restaurant that offers Turkish or Arab meals and cuisine to its customers, with many Turks and Arabs in Germany preferring to visit Turkish and Arab restaurants, whether Syrian or Iraqi, for meals that they used in their countries or their desire to eat delicious foods, because most German and Western restaurants offer their food and meals and are traditional and sometimes not delicious.

It is often promoting that a person chooses a restaurant for the advice of a relative or his friends who have visited the cafeteria and tasted some of his food and meals, and he has a positive assessment of him.

But sometimes a person may have to eat or meal from the restaurant without visiting it either because he is at work or has no desire to go out of his house, and depends on ordering his meal to call the restaurant for the restaurant to make it for him either free of charge and for a small amount of service.

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For restaurants near the person providing delivery services, there are several applications including the application (Lieferheld).

The app works in about ten countries, including several European countries, including Germany.

Through this application, the person can search between the restaurants located in the place where he lives or the place he wants to search for it and through the app can also know the estimated time required for the arrival of the request and the cost of the delivery of the order, as well as the choice of meals and the recognition of their prices and demand by the advantage Online and waiting for the request to arrive.

The search can also be customized for immigrants and Muslim refugees to search for restaurants that offer halal meals such as the famous Turkish doner in Germany.

After ordering the meal, the person can also pay through the online account to the owner and owner of the restaurant.


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