best French language learning app android

best French language learning app android

French is one of the official languages in the world, along with Arabic, English, and German, the French language is widely spoken, and is one of the basic official languages of many countries in the three continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Canada, and has also reached A number of South American countries.

In our world, French culture and language are one of the languages that are taught to students in schools besides the English language, and some Arab countries rely on French and many members of their people speak that language in their daily lives and dealings, such as the Maghreb countries of Morocco. Algeria and Tunisia, which have undergone a long period of the French occupation of their lands, have thus far been influenced by the language and culture of their peoples, which have become derived from French language and culture.

This prompted many of the Arab Maghreb residents of the country to migrate to and settle in France because of the poor economic conditions, and they did not need to learn French because they learned and drank it in their childhood, schools and in their previous lives.

It is therefore difficult to learn French, despite what is said to be easy, and its difficulty lies in the face of new immigrants and refugees to France, especially those from Middle Eastern Arab countries such as Iraq and Syria, many of whose residents have migrated because of the wars that have recently occurred in their country.

As many Arab immigrants and refugees in other European countries such as Germany, immigrants arriving in France or French-speaking countries such as Canada or the French section of Belgium have to enter schools, courses and courses that are funded by the Government and are aimed at integrating Migrants and refugees in the community and their enjoyment to enter the labor market and vocational training.

But often these courses are not enough and require the student or the French language learner to help in the learning of the French language, such as some books of English language, Internet sites, mobile applications and tablet devices available on Google Play, which is often preferred Users can easily download and study them at any time, as they are free and suitable for all ages especially for beginners to learn the language.

Snapshot of the application

The most important and best of these applications is the application (learn French) or learn more than 6000 words and vocabulary in French, which we will talk about and review its most important features in this article.

Let us not forget that the French language learning application is distinguished and good, and that the user can learn the language of France through him and practice understanding and study of more than 6000 words and vocabulary in various fields (people, appearance, health, clothing, beauty, work, housing, services, communication, bank, and entertainment….. to other areas and sections.


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