Convert all files to PDF format via application

Convert all files to PDF format via application

If you live in Germany or Europe, you will need this application to convert your files into PDF format, and the app can also photograph any data you want and save it to PDF format.

Application features

  • Scan in color or white, black and gray.
  • You can use it in your home, office, school or anywhere you want.
  • The edges of the page are automatically detected.
  • Protect your documents by a passcode.
  • Works on the computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Converting JPG to PDF works as a photo format converter from JPG or PNG to PDF and as a scanner and photo editor so that you can edit and scan every type of documents and then send them via: email, direct Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS and more files, it can also read.
JPG image format conversion software to Pdf for Android changes all printed documents or images into PDF files


  • Turn your Android phone into a mobile photo printer and then turn your documents into pdf
  • Photo converter to PDF converts JPG to PDF with one click, no matter the size of the images or file. The image converter supports a large number of image formats.
  • Turn your phone into a real scanner or fax machine
  • Cloud print to pdf
  • Convert files from any suffix to PDF
  • Send your printed documents: communication, agenda, friends on Facebook or WhatsApp or any social media apps with one click
  • You can change the size and size of JPG images, and choose the height of margins, length, and width.
  • Best software to convert images to pdf to WordPress or JPEG and store them.
  • Take a photo of any official form such as official identity documents, official documents, school or cv (CV), invoices, letters, web pages, and send them by mail or Gmail.
  • Change the color of the images before converting them to PDF.
  • Resize the pdf page for the image using the scanner
  • PDF to JPG Converter – About PDF files to images
  • Greyscale Change
  • Scan documents with your phone’s camera converted, edit photos with OCR, save, print, or share them via the appropriate app using the scanner!
  • Create multi-page PDF pages
  • Convert between different formats, choose image resizing pres, effects.

How it works:

  • Take a copy of the documents you want to convert or send
  • Choose the image (PNG, JPEG, XPS, TIFF, JFIF, GIF) or the document you want to convert or send
  • Size + Effects Application + Rotation Change
  • Send it by email, Gmail, Watts August, Facebook and more


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