Convert audio to write through an application

Convert audio to write through an application

This application converts audio to write by recording your voice to turn your sound into typed text, which you can then print, which is very important to many people, and that is short of time.

Application Features:

  • A very precise application that recognizes speech and converts it to text.
  • Reduces spelling and typographical errors.
  • You can export to print with a single click.

Secure voice writing for all languages lets you write and save text with your voice in all the words of the world. With the fantastic feature of this free app, you can convert any English or other language or speech to text. You can also save this text as a speech note entry in the protected section of this app.

The app “All Voice Languages Keyboard Write to Text” contains a set of following features:

Voice keyboard in all languages – the app is also a voice writing keyboard, you can use it as a keyboard sound to write any of the styles listed below. The audio console helps you write text very quickly and share it with any other app in the system.

Speech to Text Converter – It also has a feature of quick speech to convert text to any language. No other android app on the Play Store is better than this speech to translate text.

Text to Talk ( Talking & Talking Text) – This app is also useful in the text-to-speech feature (talk about writing). You can add text by voice, or you can copy and paste text in this app from any other source, and this text will speak to you with a fantastic text-to-speech feature.

Saved Speech Notes – Users can also save all speech notes; you can edit any speech note later by clicking the edit button in entering the saved speech note.

Voice Typing Text Chat – The app is also useful in voice writing for chat text, you can write any book for any language, and you can also share this text with other social and version chat apps on your phone.

Arabic Speak to Text – Most of the time, it is tough for non-English speakers to write long texts in English. It’s very convenient in this case; they can use it as a speech in English to convert text to write long text notes or articles in English.

Convert audio to text – it is also a fantastic sound to convert the text tool. You can also add punctuation by speaking your voice, and the system will discover them, for example, to insert a comma that speaks a comma.


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