Driving exam Questions in the Arabic language in Germany

Driving exam Questions in the Arabic language in Germany

After the law introduced in Germany, through which all Arabs in Germany can submit driving test questions in Arabic, which facilitates their success.

I have searched you for a free application through this application to read the driving exam questions in Germany.

The program contains several sections, including theoretical and practical questions and all traffic.

Through this application, you can pass the driving test successfully.

All questions and exams in the application are translated into Arabic with full traffic badges, and the details of these badges are written.

Application Features:

  • Includes all categories of driving license (car, truck, motorbike, bus).
  • The official Test interface for “TÜV/dekra”.
  • Contains the current questionnaire in the 12 foreign languages.
  • All current and new video questions.
  • Signal test pass lights give the green light to the test.


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