Features and prices of the new ZTE Nubia X phone


In October 2018, the Chinese company ZTE announced its new Nubia X phone, which has many great features and in November 2018 had been put on the market for 450 euros and since the phone has no edges on the screen, but it has two screens, rear, and front screen.

ZTE Nubia X does not have a front-facing camera but has two front, and rear screens and the user can take selfies from the rear camera with the help of the rear secondary screen.

With the great features of the ZTE Nubia X, it has two sensors to footprint the front-screen front-facing sensor and rear-screen rearview sensor that articulated distinct from the rest of the devices.

Features and prices of ZTE Nubia X:

  • It has a 2nd, 3g, and 4th generation LTE Internet network that has a robust internet speed.
  • For SIM slices, ZTE Nubia X has a nano-type chip that can occupy and use both sides.
  • The actual weight of the mobile is 181 grams and the dimensions of 8.4 × 73.3 × 145.1 mm.
  • The LTPs IPS LCD screen is built with 16 million colors and also supports touch.
  • The screen size 6.26 is a compass with a 2280 pixel density of 304 inches and a 19:9 size ratio.
  • The rear camera has 16 megapixels and an F/1.8 lens slot, plus 24 megapixels, support for the pianos and HDR, and the video resolution of 2160 pixels and 1080p quality.
  • Dual fingerprint to open the screen lock and to reveal the compass.
  • The processor speed is up to eight cores in gold and silver, 64 GB internal memory, 6 GB RAM, and another 128/256 GB with 8GB RAM.
  • The battery is made of lithium polymer and is removable and 3800 MHA capacity and supports fast shipping.

If there is an error with the features, please contact us as well as we do not guarantee that the explanation is 100% accurate.


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