Fluent Norwegian language learning

Fluent Norwegian language learning

The Kingdom of Norway, located in northern Europe on the border with the Kingdom of Sweden, is one of the richest, advanced and prosperous European countries, and the level of entry of individuals, because of its small population with a population of only a few million, the population barely reaches five million according to what is known.

They overlook a number of seas and many water bodies and have common borders with many Scandinavian countries, which are also one of them.

Like other European and Scandinavian countries, many Arabs have chosen to migrate to them, despite the cold weather, as well as the face of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the war in their country, millions of whom have been distributed to neighboring countries and Europe, where Norway has had its share of Syrian refugees.

Many Syrian refugees, some of whom we have met, describe life in Norway as beautiful, and different from their country. According to some of them, Norway prevails in the principle of justice and the rule of law for all, and the Government guarantees its citizens and all its residents, regardless of their nationalities. Health services, social insurance and employment and education opportunities that characterize the Kingdom of Norway from other European Union countries.

Like its European neighbors, which have a large number of immigrants and refugees, who seek to integrate and settle in it, above all, refugees and migrants have to learn Norwegian, hone their skills and develop their knowledge of it to achieve full integration.

Although this is difficult, it is never impossible, with Will and electronic applications such as the Norwegian language learning application, which we will talk about in this article and put a link to it to be accessible to all Arab immigrants and refugees of different nationalities.

We will also try to provide a full explanation of the application and its contents in the lines of this article.

The application of Norwegian language learning does not differ significantly from the educational language applications in terms of its comprehensiveness of the most important topics of interest to the immigrant, since this application has a beautiful and easy to use appearance, especially for beginners to learn Norwegian.

The application includes a whole series of important topics, such as the mutual welcome phrases between individuals and the important words that a person may need when visiting doctors, as well as words that are useful in talking about transportation, travel, selling and buying from shops, as well as parts of the body in the language Norwegian, business vocabulary, school, animal names, and colors.

Finally, at the end of this useful article that we talked about the Kingdom of Norway and its language and we gave you a pioneering application to learn it.

Let’s not forget that the most important feature of the application is that it contains a voice spokesperson for all of this vocabulary and clearly.


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