Government application to start your life in Germany

A government application for refugees to start their lives in Germany

Refugees and new immigrants to the Federal Republic of Germany face many problems that may be at the forefront of their lives, whether displaced persons fleeing wars in their country or traveling to the Federal Republic of Germany to study and work, or even to travel and leisure.

Where many refugees fled their countries recently to escape the scourge of war or poverty, many of them made the European Union a new home, especially Germany, where Germany received a large number of refugees and gave them protection or residence, forcing the government to issue an application known as refugees How to live in Germany and learn about European principles and values.

And that the most prominent of these difficulties are faced by refugees and illegal immigrants, who make up the largest proportion of the number of foreigners in Germany.

Among these problems follow-up, such as registration, hearing, examination Dublin, recognition of refugee applications, refugee rights, duties in Germany, such as family reunification.

All these guidelines and other information that must be known to the refugee and the immigrant to Germany are in a unique application. Ankommen means access to German.

The contents of the application

In addition, we’ve already mentioned that the app has many sections that can be accessed seamlessly after downloading the app from the Google Play Marketplace to access and make use of the data in it. Not similar paths and aspects of life in Germany, in terms of asylum, study, training and how to live in a country Germany. Each of these sections contains sub-sections to facilitate user access to information and explain it in a simple and simplified way to accommodate all individuals of different ages, living in Germany and integration into the community.

Application features

The application has an excellent and stylish appearance that allows the user to browse, move and open the doors as quickly as possible, and the data in it is valid and reliable because it is issued by the official government in the Federal Republic of Germany and the production and dissemination of these data and submitted to the newly arrived immigrants and refugees.

As the user of the application can learn the basics of the German language, learn about the political and social framework of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as data on the search for suitable accommodation in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The application features are numerous, adequate and comprehensive to various areas of life in the state of Germany, making it one of the most user-friendly applications, especially newly arrived refugees to the Federal Republic of Germany and wishing to start a new life.


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