How to get German citizenship

How to get German citizenship

The German passport is one of the best and most powerful passports in the world. It ranks second in terms of passport classification sites, which are organized periodically to organize passports for different countries. There are a large number of countries that each German passport holder can visit without the need to obtain a visa.

The German passport is distinguished by other passports. The holder can travel to more than 125 countries around the world without a visa.

Which makes the acquisition of this passport a dream for many foreigners within and outside the Federal Republic of Germany, especially the displaced and Arab immigrants, who have increased in recent years following the arrival of many immigrants to Germany, especially in 2015, which witnessed waves of asylum and massive migration to Germany.

Because the acquisition of a passport requires a fundamental acquisition of German citizenship in the wake of the achievement of the determinants and rules required for the alienation of nationality defined by the German legislation, the number of years of residence and work in the Federal Republic of Germany, which may be up to eight years, but it can be reduced to six years in exceptional cases.

In addition to the above, the most important requirement for the acquisition of German nationality is to skip individuals applying for German citizenship or individuals who have completed integration courses in language schools for a German language test or examination as a test of living in the Republic of Germany.

The examination consists of 300 questions on the political and democratic system, elections and political life, the history and constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as issues related to the social and educational system and the judicial system in Germany.

The person passing the test must read the questions very well so that he can pass the 33 questions. The answers are optional and there are many possibilities. The individual must achieve the answer by answering 17 out of thirty-three questions to skip the test.

The successful individual shall be given a German citizenship test or live in the Federal Republic of Germany with a certified and certified certificate from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of the German Ministry of the Interior, which has the right and competence insight to apply for German citizenship, to study the papers submitted and to respond to requests for refusal or acceptance.

In order to study questions about the nationality test, foreigners in Germany often buy a private book or read questions from government websites.

This is somewhat difficult because these questions in the books and sites are not translated, so many people download the application of the questions of political testing or examination of German nationality as they are sometimes called.


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