Learn German by applying

Learn German by applying

Many students, mainly refugees and Arab immigrants in Germany, have difficulty finding a good and comprehensive book or site to learn German and study it at its three main known levels.

Despite the spread of dozens of websites, thousands of YouTube videos and hundreds of applications on the Google Play market, although the quality of these applications and the introduction of many methods to learn the German language and its rules professionally, it is still minor, incomplete and non-exhaustive, and does not meet all He needs the student to learn the German language.

Here comes the role of a student or a person who wants to learn regardless of age or gender, whether a man is a woman in the search for a distinctive, pioneering and reliable application to learn German in a professional way, meets his needs and sometimes sings about attending language courses if he does not have sufficient time to attend such courses either because of High costs or due to work.

So the German application in your hands is the ideal application to study the German language at its three known levels and the user after downloading the application choose the level you want to study from among the three levels.

Applying German in your hands with Niko is the story of a person named Nico descended from Spain and arrived in Germany to learn German, so the study of the language through this application depends on the sequence and watch the videos, each lesson includes a video that the user must watch and understand well and then he can start to Solve questions that are blanks/and choose a health answer

The application also tests the ability of the person to solve questions and give him signs of solutions to let the person know the level of progress before moving to the following lessons,

In addition, at the end of each lesson there is a reminder of all the new and important words in the lessons translated into Arabic and translated, as well as a reminder and a comprehensive explanation of the rules of the lesson with illustrative examples that the person can review at the time he wants to understand and assimilate them.

Many of the people who downloaded the app on their mobile phones and tablets see it as an ideal application for integration and learning the German language at all levels, and start studying the German language at its levels Three to reach professionalism.

Perhaps the most important feature of the application is the existence of a paragraph at the end of each lesson on social and political life and interpersonal relations in Germany, which helps people, especially immigrants and refugees, to integrate into German society.


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