Learn German through WhatsApp ‘WhatsGerman’

Learn German through WhatsApp 'WhatsGerman'

Although the majority of immigrants and refugees, especially those coming in recent years to Germany, visit German centers, schools and institutes funded by the Federal Office for Migration and refugees in cooperation with the Labour Office and the Foreigners ‘ office, many migrants and refugees They sometimes find it difficult to learn the language, especially older or uneducated people in their own countries and do not have scientific degrees.

The reasons why it is difficult to understand and learn German in the categories that we mentioned earlier are that German courses and integration in Germany are provided by the German teachers who do not speak Arabic, so many language students rely on dictionaries to translate words even though That’s not enough to learn and understand the German language and its rules.

In the face of these problems in the learning of the German language has spread on social media sites Many of the pages of teaching the different German language, as well as many forums and websites as many people appeared on YouTube channels to teach the German language and its rules for beginners, Applicants are also in German language levels.

Google Play also offers a lot of German language learning applications that help students study and pass the exam, which we have already talked about in previous articles that you can review after browsing our site.

In this article, we will not talk about an application, but we will talk about a website where German language students of different categories and ages can study German through WhatsApp application on their mobile phones and tablets.

The site of Wahtsgerman, which he supervised, prepared, created and worked on by a number of German governmental organizations active in assisting the refugees, offers three German language courses by sending a message to the existing phone number and sending the word start, after which your mobile phone starts receiving Messages and educational videos are automatic and periodic, and only study, save and repeat them.

The program consists of three sessions

First session: You can register by sending a message with a word (start) on the number shown in it and learn the letters of the alphabet and keywords translated into Arabic with illustrative videos of those words.

Second session: The registration is done in the same way as before by sending the word (start) to the phone number, and includes daily phrases such as congratulations and welcome phrases and other phrases used by the person in his daily life in Germany.

Screenshot of the site

Third session: It is the last part of the courses and it is also registered in the same way as registration in the previous circles and the student also learns through periodical messages on WhatsApp in his mobile phone the German grammar and examples and also translated to the Arabic language.


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