Rights of refugees By ‘Handbook Germany’


Did you arrive in Germany? Are you a resident of Germany? Do you need to know your rights as a refugee? Are you seeking permanent residency in Germany? Are you seeking German citizenship? Do you seek to get the work of your newborn a university degree you want to the equation? Are you expecting a new baby and want to know your rights as a pregnant woman?

These and other questions and queries related to the rights of refugees and immigrants in Germany are almost daily on social media pages and refugee forums on the internet, every hour someone asks about a subject related to residency, asylum, travel, nationality, or obtaining a passport Travel, to other endless inquiries.

Often the questioner or the Enquirer waits for an answer from ordinary people who may have knowledge of German law and government transactions, or they may have already passed similar experiences in immigration, foreign and municipal offices, but these answers are often abbreviated and not enclosed by an alternative confirmed by the source or location Legal, and often are not caused by errors that may be catastrophic for some people and cause problems in their dealings and papers such as the loss of the duration of appeal periods or the filing of certain applications.

For this reason, and for not having made mistakes as a result of hearing unconfirmed consultations, the German Government has advised immigrants and refugees that local and municipal authorities or immigration offices should be consulted and work in person to obtain the required information, which the person often found in his or her mother tongue. Such as Arabic, Persian or Kurdish.

People can also review organizations and associations involved in assisting refugees and migrants, which are many in German cities and can easily find a date with them, and provide information and conduct papers, whether they are school papers, asylum papers, new birth registration or renewal of residence, Etc. of the parameters carried out by these associations and organizations.

For the purpose of providing information, the German Government and its various ministries, in particular, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugee Affairs, have established a number of Internet sites, the Handbook Germany, to provide the information needed by refugees and migrants of all nationalities in Germany.

The site provides a variety of information on the rights of refugees, labor, study, residency, education, German law, politics in Germany and political parties, as well as a dictionary that illustrates the meaning of many terms and explains it to the reader.

There are also a lot of video videos provided by German law specialists, explaining specific topics of interest to refugees and immigrants in Germany such as women’s rights, rights of people with special needs, police tasks, the youth welfare office and other topics that may be of interest to the reader.


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