Sales of shops in Germany 2019

Sales of shops in Germany 2019

Shopping, the purchase of goods and foodstuffs, and the needs of individuals and families in Germany are different from the way many refugees and Arab immigrants in some Arab countries practiced before migrating and resorting to Germany.

Famous and well-known shops and branches Located in Germany ،in Germany in all the German cities and towns visited by the majority of immigrants and refugees to purchase their needs and the needs of their food, vegetables, fruits, all goods, and detergents, as well as their domestic needs. Multiple and different, and some daily supplies that a person may need in his or her work.

However, many well-known shops (Edeka, Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland, Rewe, etc.) of famous shops, periodically may be monthly, weekly, seasonal or on official occasions and holidays in Germany such as Christmas and Easter, where these stores often reduce the prices Lots of goods and advertise it to their customers in advance by printing a card where all the goods covered by the offer and discount during the advertised period which maybe week or month depending on each store.

The goods normally covered are numerous, such as beverages, meat, foodstuffs, vegetables, fruits, clothing, household electrical appliances, garden tools, work supplies, home repairs, children’s school needs, toys, and many others, which cannot be counted and counted.

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Customers are often informed of these offers by visiting the stores themselves or through the newspaper attachments that connect them to their mailboxes or by browsing the social networking sites of those stores via the Internet, or through mobile apps in the Google Play ‘ Kauf ‘ marketplace that we’ll talk about.

After users download this application, the user selects the site so that the application can choose the nearby stores, then choose the user’s favorite store and browse and compare the advertised offers in those stores.

The app also features users ‘ notices to the best available and advertised offers during the week, and offers an addition to store offerings, popular restaurant offerings and home furniture stores such as Germany’s famous X-Shops series.

The app also features all the German stores within it and all weekly downloads.
After downloading the app on your mobile device, you open the app and select your city or current location.
To show you the best downloads in all German stores.


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