pregnancy and delivery date calculator


Nine months of pregnancy and childbirth in a woman’s life is characterized by a lot of privacy, differences from her life before pregnancy and family formation in case it was her first experience of having a new child in case it was the second or third experience. However, a family of maybe small or big it varies from culture to another and according to the country’s customs and traditions.

Moreover, pregnancy is not only distinguished in mother’s life but in father’s life who following with nostalgia and love his fetal development; during it is inside her/his mother’s womb. It does this by a medical and health periodic follow-up for the mother at a specialist doctor’s office, where the husband often escorts his wife to see their unborn child together by ultrasound device which shows fetal’s stages development and its growth, height, weight and other important things. But Nevertheless a pregnant woman,  husband and maybe whole their family need to follow -up for unborn fetal’s stages of development whether male or female daily and weekly.

However, they don’t want to wait in appointments at a  specialist doctor’s office to see their fetal by ultrasound device because it’s not possible to do it daily and weekly but although the image is showed by “pregnancy calculator” application is interactive, illustrative and unreal. They will use this application which we talk about it at the next lines; they can use it daily, weekly and easily.

 So, we can say that pregnancy calculator is an interactive application he has being existed deserve all pregnant women in the world; during their pregnancy and childbirth as well as a pregnancy calculator can provide information about how is their fetal is inside womb during pregnancy on a weekly basis.

Additionally “pregnancy calculator” as we mentioned is distinguished by distinctive form and accurate approximate pictures which are given for the fetal as well as, all medical information received are correct and certain because a group of specialist doctors and researchers oversaw on everyone.

 More moreover,  any woman can use “pregnancy calculator ” because it’s easy to use through logging into the application via here email or phone number from anywhere she wants because the application according to a lot of women who are use this application they said that” pregnancy calculator” is one of the best and better equality of applications on Google play store;  they advice others women to download it to their smartphones to be” pregnancy calculator”  escorted them during their pregnancy by clicking on the next link…

Finally,  we will mention another feature of pregnancy calculator which could be a benefit for pregnant women. For example: booking medical appointments activity notifications which reminds her in important things; she has to do it to keep her health and Child well, unable to control it’s sittings as a select type of calendar weather western calendar or Hijri one and set a period date to start calculating.


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